A downloadable game

Take on the role of the Bubblegum Bros. in this 1 or 2 player platformer for your Speccy Next.

Use your jetpack to jump and also fire bubblegum to stop monsters. Collect as many bonus items as possible to attain the best hiscore on your mission to rid all the zones of foes.

Many weird and wonderful levels await in this bubblegum popping adventure.


* 1 or 2 player arcade action on your Speccy Next.
* Many super cute levels and zones.
* Bountiful bonus pickups.
* Bubblegum monster popping fun.
* Suitable for all ages. 

Install instructions

Disclaimer & Copyright: This game software title is now retired and FREE to play but is no longer supported. 100% functionality on newer target system firmware is no longer guaranteed or implied. Use at your own risk. Commercial redistribution of this software is forbidden without the express written permission of the developer.

Once you have downloaded the .zip, please unzip it and copy all the files in it to your Spectrum Next SD Card.

Run BubblegumBros.snx on your Spectrum Next via the Next file browser to play the game.

Please note:

i) This game supports 2 Kempston joysticks on a real ZX Spectrum Next. To play with 2 joysticks on a real ZX Spectrum Next, you should ensure that the following are also set in your Config.ini file... joystick1=1 ...and... joystick2=4 if not already.

Enjoy & Love Retro!



BubblegumBros.zip 10 MB