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Dungeonette is a dungeon crawler with a nod to the past of now legendary Spectrum games but with a new twist for Spectrum Next.

You play a brave hero on a quest to enter the Dungeons of Doom and slay the Evil Reaper.

With your trusty weapon, armour and shield you must navigate the maze of dungeons ahead and vanquish your foes.

Collect as much gold as possible and keep from starving by finding food.

The Reaper has sent hordes of monsters to stop you!


* Fast action adventure gameplay.
* Many dungeons to explore.
* Cute & colourful pixel graphics.
* Pickups and power-ups.
* Hordes of foes to vanquish.
* Mini-Boss levels.

Install instructions

Disclaimer & Copyright: This game software title is now retired and FREE to play but is no longer supported. 100% functionality on newer target system firmware is no longer guaranteed or implied. Use at your own risk. Commercial redistribution of this software is forbidden without the express written permission of the developer.

Once you have downloaded the .zip, please unzip it and copy all the files in it to your Spectrum Next SD Card.

Run Dungeonette.snx on your Spectrum Next via the Next file browser to play the game.

Enjoy & Love Retro!



Dungeonette.zip 153 kB