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Colour puzzle matching fun with adorable super cute furry alien creatures from a distant galaxy.

Enjoy 1 or 2 player Match 3 puzzle fun gaming on your Speccy Next with the DWEEBS.

Also play with alternative Gems and Jewels to add a traditional theme to DWEEBS DROP.

As the DWEEBS drop out of the tubes and stack up, you must match them by colour to prevent them reaching the top. Collide with Black DWEEBS to give a row to your opponent and Rainbow Eggs to clear DWEEBS of the same colour.

Colourful puzzle fun awaits!


* 1 or 2 player head to head puzzle action.
* Mega points explosion combos and bonuses.
* Frantic match 3 style game play.
* Themed pixel graphics.
* Suitable for all ages.

Install instructions

Disclaimer & Copyright: This game software title is now retired and FREE to play but is no longer supported. 100% functionality on newer target system firmware is no longer guaranteed or implied. Use at your own risk. Commercial redistribution of this software is forbidden without the express written permission of the developer.

Once you have downloaded the .zip, please unzip it and copy all the files in it to your Spectrum Next SD Card.

Run DweebsDrop.snx on your Spectrum Next via the Next file browser to play the game.

Please note:

i) This game supports 2 Kempston joysticks on a real ZX Spectrum Next. To play with 2 joysticks on a real ZX Spectrum Next, you should ensure that the following are also set in your Config.ini file... joystick1=1 ...and... joystick2=4 if not already.

ii) On a real ZX Spectrum Next, we recommend that you DO NOT live switch the vertical video frequency (F3 on PS2 keyboard) from 50Hz to 60Hz or vice versa whilst playing the actual game. This may 'possibly' cause it to freeze or lock up. Set your preferred vertical video frequency in Config.ini file or Next boot options before play.

Enjoy & Love Retro!



DweebsDrop.zip 9 MB